Safety during Flight
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D.A.Y. (Drones Across Yorkshire)/ Eagles in the Sky adopts best industry practice to ensure that all of its flight operations using small unmanned aircraft systems (SUAS) are carried out as safely as possible.
D.A.Y. addresses operations in the United Kingdom and covers regulations, procedures and specific details concerning individual countries.
Where specific National Aviation Authority requirements are addressed, these are preceded by the following prefix to lines and paragraphs as appropriate:
{UK} CAA-UK –United Kingdom - Civil Aviation Authority
It is the goal of D.A.Y. to operate aircraft without harm, injury or damage to any persons or property. The D.A.Y. Pilot-In-Command will comply with all of the safety requirements and limitations of the Permission for Aerial Work issued by the UK CAA to D.A.Y.
D.A.Y. is committed to maintaining the highest standards of flight safety and aims to minimise harm to any persons or property by undertaking thorough risk assessment, site surveys, crew briefings and ensuring aircraft are in operational condition through regular inspection and maintenance regimes.
By these processes D.A.Y. assures safety at all times whilst carrying out flight operations.

D.A.Y. crew members will undertake an organisational training course and must follow specific procedures set out in our Operations Manual

The training course will include a brief technical overview of the aircraft currently in service, limitations to be considered for operating, organisational procedures and emergency procedures.