Crop Surveys - Costs much less than you will save!
  Eagles in The Sky is a modern business providing Aerial Photography based in Norfolk, covering England and Worldwide, we are a safety aware, high quality, flexible and quick response service in Drone Aerial still and video capture for the media, house sales, property, surveying and building sectors  
  • Potentially large percentages of farm spraying (pesticides, fungicides and herbicides) are wasted because they’re applied in greater amount than needed or in the wrong place.
  • In the past this has been pretty well unavoidable due to the nature of spray application or the need to avoid under-use, which can be catastrophic with the risk of disease outbreak to total crop loss.
  • With regular Aerial Photography, farmers know what’s going on with every plant, spotting problems before they spread, and applying chemicals only where needed in in the amount actually necessary.