Building Surveys
Eagles in The Sky is a modern business providing Aerial Photography based in Yorkshire, covering England and Worldwide, we are a safety aware, high quality, flexible and quick response service in Drone Aerial still and video capture for the media, house sales, property, surveying and building sectors

To properly Survey a building takes time and significant resources.

Using a High Definition Camera on a Drone is not only cost effective, it also allows multiple surveys so allowing comparisons over time to be made - a modern quick and cost-effective method, causing minimal disruption, particularly if the area is inaccessible!

With our12.4 Mega Pixel (RAW or Jpeg) resolution still and 4K video photography, important detail is capture to review and compare again and again.

Imagine having this quality of photo or video available for your next Site Meeting or Meeting with your Client!

Our drone flies for 25 minutes per battery, 100 minutes before a total recharge.