Eagles in The Sky Photography is a modern business providing Aerial, High Level, Ground Level and Interior Photography
Based in Norfolk and Yorkshire, covering England and Worldwide.
We are a safety aware, high quality, flexible and quick response service in Drone Aerial still and video capture for the media, house sales, property, surveying, architectural and building sectors



Each job is different, with many variable factors. Generally we use a drone which can be flown by a one man team, but depending on the clients requirements, we have access to other options.

We quote on an individual project basis, after a discussion about the project with the client.
It is important that the client understands the legal and practical envelope which aerial photography has to work within in the UK as well as across the world as relevant.

We are pleased to visit or research the location, as there are a number of variables which may affect the quotation including location of shoot, potential weather and other external site conditions, as well as requirements by CAA.

We provide rates for a Single Job; Repeat Jobs; as well ‘On-Call’ rates – starting by the job or for a half day...
HOWEVER do email or call because we can organise multiple jobs in an area or on a particular day which could make things cheaper!

We have a flight time of up to 20-25 minutes per battery, with a minimum of 100 minutes total flying; however depending upon type of filming, this could easily be all that is required in actual flying time over a day
- we also recharge onsite